MIPIM 2017


Henley Finance Represents UK at MIPIM 2017

Richard Butler Creagh of Henley Finance Ltd attended MIPIM 2017, the world’s largest real estate exhibition in Cannes, France. Founder, Richard Butler Creagh represented the company on the world stage for the first time at the event, which took place from 14th to 17th March 2017.

The company was among 24,000 representatives from over 26 countries who attended the event, including the British Government who sent four members of parliament along with representatives from every region of the country.
“Henley Finance is here to gauge the industry’s reaction in the wake of the Brexit vote. I have spoken to people in many different sectors and there is a strong message emerging: The reality is that there is always a level of uncertainty, for example, the 2008 financial collapse and more recently a reduction in the GDP of China.’’
Butler Creagh added:
“It is important for UK companies of all sizes to attend these international events in order to show to the international community in our industry that we are here looking to do business and more so than ever. We want to remain open to international opportunities and the feeling here is that whether we are in or out of the EU, the UK still looks like a great place to do business.”

The company is a specialist lender providing bespoke £100,000 – £1,000,000 short and medium-term funding solutions to the residential and commercial property markets. They offer mezzanine finance, loans for auction purchases, working capital for developments, and provide fast completion on property purchases with funds available to client in five to seven working days, if approved.

Bridging loans can be arranged for sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and private individuals. If you are interested in these services or wish to set up a meeting contact Richard Butler Creagh through the Henley Finance website. Connect with Richard Butler-Creagh on his Clippings page here.

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