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Richard started his career the building industry. He ran his own company called Butler-Creagh Refurbishments, specialising in working for developers and refurbishing their properties to prepare them for the market. This provided him with an insight into the potential in the property market in the UK.

In 1985, Richard Butler Creagh took an interest in the London real estate market and began to research the process of buying, selling and managing properties. He studied and mastered the financial process of property developing making important connections in the industry along the way
He then gradually started buying properties to renovate and sell on. He would use bridging finance to purchase them, put them onto long term finance and then let them. This way he built up a portfolio of twenty-seven properties in and around Central London.  He is a consultant and a major shareholder at Mainstream Commercial Finance Ltd., which has been in business since 2006.

Richard Butler Creagh came to understand the bridging sector and long-term finance sector and recognised a gap in the market for a bridging finance company that had their own in house valuation people and underwriters. This would enable the company to be able to assess the project in its entirety and also provide the necessary funding as fast as possible. This is because they do not have to rely on outside valuation.

He understood the needs of the property developer and the requirements for short-term finance. He founded m Henley Finance in 2013 in order to provide this service to others. Henley Finance Ltd is a specialist lender providing bespoke short and medium-term funding solutions aimed at the property market. This includes loans for both commercial and residential properties. Henley Finance specialise in providing loans between ranging from three months to a year, of between £100,000 to £1,000,000.

To get in touch with Richard, visit the Richard Butler Creagh website. You can also connect with Richard Butler Creagh on Crunchbase. Watch this video to find out more about Henley Finance.

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